Brenton Thwaites as Bek in Gods of Egypt
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Before Gods of Egypt Flopped, It Was Meant To Kick Off An Entire Franchise
Lionsgate’s 2016 film “Gods of Egypt” failed to draw in audiences at the box office, but the studio originally had big plans for the movie to possibly launch a new franchise.
The Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Co-Chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger boasted about the film’s potential only weeks before its catastrophic $14 million debut.
In addition to poor reviews, “Gods of Egypt” suffered from accusations of whitewashing, as the film about Egyptian mythology starred actors like Gerard Butler and Brenton Thwaites.
Even though Lionsgate apologized for the whitewashing, it was clear that “Gods of Egypt” was not going to be the studio's next “Twilight.”
Lionsgate would find a hit with the “John Wick” franchise, but they suffered several massive flops in their pursuit of the next big series, like “Gods of Egypt” and “Ender’s Game.”