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Bizarre Halloween Sequels We’ll Never Get To See
Halloween II
"Halloween" was a huge success for John Carpenter, then he and co-writer Debra Hill thought of a sequel with the final girl, Laurie Strode, in a high-rise apartment.
Halloween 4
The abandoned Dennis Etchison draft had Michael Myers killing drive-in attendees, growing 12 feet tall, and burning up in an unexplained inferno at the end.
Halloween 5
Michael Jacobs's "Halloween 5: The Killer Inside Me" script had Jamie turn evil. Director Dominique Othenin-Girard hated it, going so far as to throw it in the trash.
Halloween 666
Before the "Halloween 6" we got, there was a sequel drafted by Irving Belateche and Lawrence Guterman that involved Ouija and virtual reality.
Halloween 7
Robert Zappia's school-set slasher has plenty of stellar scenes, like a pool massacre but there were no returning characters — then Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to come back.