Anson Mount as Black Bolt in Dr. Strange 2
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Black Bolt’s Multiverse Of Madness Scene Had Anson Mount In ‘Disbelief’
"Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" is filled with fun, creative bits of Sam Raimi-style high-effort filmmaking, but there’s something off in certain scenes.
In one of the movie’s most memorable sequences, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) murders the entire Illuminati one by one. It’s even more impressive knowing the editing and trickery used.
Mount told Esquire that most of the Illuminati death scenes were filmed separately due to actor availability. "My role came up in the reshoots," Mount said.
Thanks to impressive editing, Mount went through the entire production without ever talking to fellow actor Patrick Stewart, or any other Illuminati member for that matter.
Mount said they used stand-in actors to film it, substituting the shots and faces later in the editing room. “I was in disbelief of how well it cut together," he said.
Good framing, quality CGI, and the scale of Wanda's brutality effectively concealed that the actors, including Mount, weren't in the same room during the big fight scene.