BOB'S BURGERS: Join the Belcher family for Season Five of the Emmy Award winning BOB'S BURGERS  Sundays on FOX. (Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)
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Bob's Burgers Worked Backwards From Casting To Create Its Characters
With 13 seasons and a feature-length film, there’s no denying the popularity of the Belcher family from “Bob’s Burgers.” While a lot of this success is attributed to the writers behind the show, the writers themselves acknowledge that the series wouldn’t be the same without the incredible ensemble cast of voice actors that bring the characters to life.
In an interview, series creator Loren Bouchard talked about how the first step in making the Belchers feel alive was writing with their voice actors in mind. According to Bouchard, “you could write a more fleshed-out character when you already knew who was going to be giving them their voice […] cast first and you will find your characters jump right off the page!”
Writing with your voice actors in mind is a great way to add depth to characters, but one of the reasons it worked so well in “Bob’s Burgers” is because the cast was already familiar with one another’s work. In fact, Bouchard had worked with H. Jon Benjamin, the voice behind Bob, for over two decades making it much easier to craft Bob’s personality around the actor.