Carla Gallo on Bones as Daisy
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Bones’ Carla Gallo Didn’t Get The Ending She Wanted For Daisy And Sweets
When Sweets (John Francis Daley) was killed off in the season 10 premiere of “Bones,” everyone was left to pick up the pieces, namely his on-again, off-again girlfriend Daisy.
Carla Gallo, who played Daisy, had some thoughts on what she would have liked for the characters and always hoped they would get back together. In the end, it didn't go her way.
Speaking with Give Me My Remote in 2014, Gallo said it was bittersweet as Daisy was the last woman Sweets loved, but they didn't get to be together in the end.
Although Sweets and Daisy were bonded forever because of their child, that's not the same as being happy with one another in a "till death do us part" sort of way.
Naturally, the death of Sweets was an emotional thing for the cast, Gallo included. "I got the script, and no joke, I got a little teary," the actress revealed in the interview.
Gallo added, "That was part of who the character was for me, from day 1. She wasn't just an intern, she was an intern and Lance's girlfriend.”