A Bart Simpson cut-out is seen on display
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Bones Hid A Sneaky Simpson Reference In Its Fifth Season
When "The Simpsons" turned 20 in 2009, Fox announced it would pay "homarge" with an on-air scavenger hunt of other shows with Simpsons Easter eggs from November 9 -13, 2009.
Fox show "Bones," usually game for shenanigans, joined the fun in season 5, episode 7, "The Dwarf in the Dirt." In one of the lab scenes, there was a familiar X-ray image.
The x-ray of a skull looked conspicuously similar to the noggin of one Homer J. Simpson — complete with a distinctly minuscule brain relative to the rest of his head.
Homer voice actor Dan Castellaneta also had a minor role in the episode as "Officer Novarro," with part of the iconic cartoon's opening theme playing.
The episode's little person wrestling match winner is none other than the Bumblebee Man, the Spanish-language sitcom actor who's been a recurring character on "The Simpsons."
"The Simpsons" would, in a sense, repay the favor the year after "Bones" ended in 2017, when Emily Deschanel did a cameo in a film-within-the-show on the season 30 premiere.