Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
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Captain Marvel Comics Lost Their Most Important Writer Because Of The MCU
The transition of Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel can be credited to writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Without her, the Carol Danvers that fans know and love might never have existed.
The film "Captain Marvel" would also likely look very different, as the reinvention of Danvers was essentially a movement spearheaded by DeConnick.
When she was first hired to write a new Danvers series, Marvel had little faith in the series' success, and few resources were dedicated to marketing.
In 2012, "Captain Marvel" quickly sold out and later served as a template for Marvel Studios' own version. After the film was announced, DeConnick stepped back from the character.
"I quit about a week after the film was announced," she told the "MCU" writers, so she could "[...] get the credit for making the movie happen and walk away at the high point."
Shortly after leaving Marvel Comics, DeConnick wrote a long email to the Marvel execs, using her personal theory on classic cinematic triangles to explain Carol's role in the MCU.
In short, "Carol is Steve plus Tony,” she said, explaining that she’s got Tony’s spunk and swagger and can flip a wrench, but she’s also a soldier like Steve and his sense of duty.
Thanks to that email, Marvel brought DeConnick on as a consultant for "Captain Marvel," and she served as a key resource to Carol's character during production.
As a result, her influence is all over "The Life of Captain Marvel," a revamped edition of Carol's origin story that aligns much more with her arc in the film.