LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 20: Chandler Riggs arrive at The Walking Dead Live: The Finale Event at The Orpheum Theatre on November 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)
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Carl Grimes Returned For A Walking Dead Series Finale Cameo That No One Spotted
Actor Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Grimes, had a cameo as an extra during a sequence at Hilltop in "The Walking Dead" series finale. He’s less recognizable now that he’s grown up and sans eyepatch, but his appearance as a farmer helping create sustenance for apocalyptic survivors was a welcome surprise, even for the people behind the show.
Director Greg Nicotero told EW, "That was our last day of shooting and Chandler wanted to come visit [...] It wasn't planned. [...] I think he was just wearing whatever he wore when he came to set. We're just like, 'Throw him in the background.' I think we gave him a hat to disguise him a little bit."
While filming, former co-star Norman Reedus had fun trying to hint that viewers should look a little more closely at the background. As he told EW: "I kept trying to move my head like I'm looking at him to sort draw the audience's attention to, 'Hey, there's Chandler over there!' Which I don't think anybody really wanted me to do, but I thought it was funny so I kept trying to do it."