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Christopher Nolan Explains The Meaning Of Inception’s Final Line
The emotional core of "Inception" is that widower Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) leaves to be with his children, showing that this is the life he's chosen to live regardless it's real.
Many viewers wonder about the ambiguous moment in that final scene when Cobb picks up his young son, who says, "I built a house." Christopher Nolan shared his insight with Wired.
Nolan said the film is “about architects, builders, people who would have the mental capacity to construct large-scale worlds — the world of the dream.”
Everything the kids said in the final scene was designed to either feel thematically relevant to the movie's big questions or reinforce the idea that these are very much Cobb's kids.
"The important thing in 'Inception' is the mental process [...] That's why it's a film about architects rather than soldiers," Nolan added.