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Civil War’s Alliance Between Texas And California, Explained
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Civil War” filmmaker Alex Garland was asked about his fictionalized, not-so-United States that wasn't separated by red and blue.
Garland implied that fans were upset at the lack of a rigid divide, which proved the exact point he was trying to make, although it wasn't the main point.
He made this choice "partly to get around a kind of reflexive, polarizing position that people might fall into," but Garland also focused on how the President was presented.
Nick Offerman plays that President, a divisive leader presiding over an ongoing mess with various rebellions rising against the federal government.
The President takes several unpopular and extreme measures to maintain power that would lead to partisans putting their differences aside to work together.
Garland added, "Then it's saying that two states that have a different political position have said, 'Our political difference is less important than this.'"