Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger facing off in Freddy Vs. Jason
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Could We Finally Get A Sequel To Freddy Vs. Jason?
The ambiguous ending and overwhelming financial success of "Freddy vs. Jason" left horror fans clamoring for more, but it remains to be seen if a sequel will ever be made.
After the movie's release, several ideas were floated that would have brought additional iconic monsters to the fight, such as Pinhead from "Hellraiser."
There were also "Freddy vs. Jason 2" treatments floating around Hollywood that would have involved Ash (Bruce Campbell) from the "Evil Dead" movies.
In the "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash" movie, memos from New Line revealed that Freddie would finally die and Ash would live, but sadly, the movie was never made.
Ash has only ever been played by Campbell, who is 65, and Freddy by Englund, who is 76. Englund told Variety he’s too old and "too thick" to play Freddy anymore.
Campbell said he will only play Ash again if he gets to work with Sam Raimi — director of the "Evil Dead" films — and Raimi has only expressed half-interest in another "Evil Dead."
The 2018 lawsuit Horror Inc. vs. Miller has also left the rights to "Friday the 13th" up in the air. Victor Miller, who wrote the original film, says the copyright belongs to him.
"Friday" producer Sean Cunningham says Miller was a work-for-hire and the rights belong to the company. Until this is resolved, another "Freddy vs. Jason" movie will not be made.