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Elinor Donahue Played A Secret Second Role In Her Star Trek Episode
In the "Star Trek" episode "Metamorphosis," Commissioner Nancy Hedford’s (Elinor Donohue) shuttle is attacked by a blob of energy and pulled down to the surface of a nearby planet.
Zefram Cochrane (Glenn Corbett), the inventor of faster-than-light travel, presumably died a century earlier but is living on the planet thanks to the blob.
The Enterprise crew uses universal translators to communicate and find out that not only is the blob a living entity called the Companion, but it’s in love with Cochrane.
An uncredited Lisabeth Hush provided the voice of the Companion in the episode's final cut, but on set, the crew needed someone to interact with.
Luckily, Donohue was willing to step in. She was asked by the episode's director, Ralph Senensky, to read the Companion's lines right when she was about to go home.
Donohue said, "I thought it was wonderful fun, because there was no pressure on me to perform anything, so to speak.” After "Star Trek," Donohue continued her prolific TV career.