Actor Michael B. Jordan attending the European premiere of "Creed III" in London, England.
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Every Fight In The Creed Franchise, Ranked
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Creed III."
12. Flashback
One of the greatest fights in "Creed III" is a flashback of a younger version of Damian Anderson sparring with Felix Chavez in an underground match. In addition to the flashback, the film boasts a memorable training montage, where Damian KO’s every sparring partner while Adonis regains his mojo and takes down Viktor Drago.
11. Drago in Russia
In "Creed II," Viktor Drago gets a cold, emotionless, and violent introduction, as audiences see him preparing for his fight without speaking a single word. In the ring, Drago towers over the other fighter, who manages to connect a cheap head butt that only angers Viktor, and the latter knocks his opponent out cold.
10. Adonis in Tijuana
Adonis gets a brilliant intro with his first fight in "Creed," which sees him knock out an opponent with a single, match-ending right hook. Despite the anticipation of a multi-round grudge match building up among the audience, the fight turns out to be a blink-and-its-over fight, which helps establish the protagonist's skill and character.
9. Adonis vs. Danny
In "Creed," Adonis’ arrogance gets the better of him, and he offers his Mustang to anyone in the gym who can "land one clean headshot." With 18 wins by knockout, Danny "The Stuntman" Wheeler accepts the challenge and pummels Adonis against the ropes, eventually landing the final blow and a humbling defeat to Adonis.
8. Adonis vs. Ricky
The rematch between Adonis and Ricky Conlan in "Creed III" suggests a shift in the filmmaking style for the fights: The camera work leaves audiences feeling not in the ring but in the mind of the fighters. The spar sees Adonis take a strategic beating in Round 1 as he studies Ricky's weaknesses before KO-ing him in Round 2.