Bob Belcher with his family at their dinner table in Bob's Burgers
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Fox Feedback Made Bob’s Burgers Swap A Fan-Favorite Belcher’s Gender
In an interview with It's Nice That, "Bob's Burgers" series creator Loren Bouchard revealed that a fan-favorite Belcher’s gender swap was inspired by some notes given by Fox execs.
Bouchard had ideas about who the characters would be based upon their voice actors, but those notes led to Dan Mintz being the voice of the Tina Belcher fans know and love today.
"Although originally we cast him as a boy," Bouchard noted. "It was only after [...] Fox's feedback that we realized the character wasn't quite there [...]."
Both of Tina’s siblings have higher-pitched voices while her dad has a smooth, deep register. Mismatching her gender and voice made her unique and highlighted her awkwardness.
Unlike other teen girls in animated comedies, who are either bubbly or sarcastic, Tina is sort of a mumbling, grumbling mess who just wants to be left alone to think about butts.