The Belcher family from Bob's Burgers
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Fox Tried To Change Bob’s Burgers In A Bafflingly Misguided Way
"Bob's Burgers" has as many moments of warmhearted feelings as it does jokes, but according to series creator Loren Bouchard, at least one Fox exec didn't understand that.
The Belchers genuinely love each other. Instead of making the conflict in the story between the family members, Bouchard introduced other kinds of conflict into the narrative.
In a New York Times interview, Bouchard shared that a Fox executive believed the Belchers “love each other a little too much” and “even a family that loves each other fights.”
While they occasionally disagree, the family relies on one another to overcome the hard times. However, the executive wanted to interject more conflict between the characters.
Bouchard said that the core rule of "Bob's Burgers" is that the comedy is "foxhole humor" — coming from people who are close while going through tough situations.