Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in  Frasier
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Frasier’s Reboot Wardrobe Is More Expensive Than It Looks
While the “Frasier” revival series didn’t ruin the legacy of the beloved sitcom, the show wasn’t with controversy. One such issue was an early promo image of Dr. Crane’s attire.
The image depicted Dr. Crane, a man known for his style, wearing a navy blazer with jeans and running shoes. However, this new casual look wasn’t as cheap as some may have thought.
After GQ criticized his look as a “weird tech bro cosplay dilution of the good doctor,” showrunners Joe Cristali and Chris Harris reached out to the outlet to explain themselves.
Costume designer Lori Eskowitz-Carter joined them and said, “We wanted [Frasier] to still be sophisticated and elegant and upscale, but definitely more casual.”
However, this didn’t mean Frasier became frugal, explaining his Carroll Custom jeans cost $250 and his shoes were a $400 pair of APL Techloom Waves.
Eskowitz-Carter added, “Everything [Frasier] wore was super high-end: Brioni, Tom Ford, Bruno Cucinelli. It was all the best of the best, and fit to perfection on him.”