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Futurama Season 11 Delivers A Joke A Decade In The Making
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “Futurama” season 11 episode 9.
Some of the humorous lines in “Futurama” appear to go nowhere, such as Leela saying that she “just sold a castle to the King of Space” all the way back in Season 8.
However, these jokes often have follow-up explanations. It’s been over a decade since Leela uttered the line, and now fans finally get to see the King of Space in Season 11.
The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to the King of Space. The flirtatious Prince woos Leela, but the King refuses to allow the two to marry.
Fry selflessly challenges the King so the Prince and Leela can marry, but Leela takes his place in the duel and accidentally kills the Prince.
The show seems to know fans are no longer interested in seeing these love-triangle plots, so they made it a self-contained tale in a four-story anthology episode.