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Futurama’s ‘Over-Ambitious’ Original Pilot Sent Fry To An Organ Auction
The pilot episode of “Futurama” sees Fry falling into a cryogenic chamber and waking up a thousand years later. He joins the Planet Express crew and adjusts to his new life.
However, according to co-creator David X. Cohen in the first episode’s commentary track, the original pilot idea would have made Fry’s adjustments to the future more difficult.
Cohen explained that upon waking up, Fry would have been “immediately dragged to an auction where he was bought by the professor [Farnsworth] for spare organs.”
The organ auction was cut as the pilot script was too long. Cohen shared, “We had probably about two hours of material for the pilot and realized we could not possibly use it.”
Ultimately, Fry’s projection was changed to be closer to the show’s vision of the future: impressive looking on the surface, but everything is basically the same.