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Futurama’s Tribbles Tribute Had One Star Trek Writer Seriously Confused
In the "Futurama" episode "The Problem with Popplers" (May 7, 2000), the Planet Express crew lands on a distant, uncharted planet, hoping to find a fast-food joint.
Instead, they find craters stuffed with utterly delicious meat nuggets. They bring them back to Earth, where a fast-food proprietor turned them into ‘Popplers.’
Avid Trekkies may note the Gene Roddenberry nod by referencing the comedic "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of “Star Trek” in which fuzzy critters infiltrate a grain shipment.
According to the "Problem with Popplers" DVD commentary, “Star Trek” writer, David Gerrold, called the "Futurama" offices to say he recognized the title reference.
The two episodes don’t share any story similarities, so Gerrold was confused, asking voice actor Billy West why they named them Popplers.
West didn't have much of an explanation for Gerrold and recalls telling the writer, "Because they're popular, and you pop 'em in the mouth."