Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, running
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Gal Gadot & Kristen Wiig Got A Nasty Rash From A Watery Wonder Woman Scene
In Patty Jenkins' bonkers superhero flick "Wonder Woman 1984," Diana's mousy co-worker Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) transforms into an "apex predator," or were-cheetah.
During the film's climax, the cheetah version of Barbara and Wonder Woman, dressed like a golden angel, battled on the shores of a rocky, remote island.
The two combatants fling each other into walls, swing by electrical wires, and fall into the ocean, fighting until Wonder Woman grabs a live cable and electrocutes Barbara.
Interviewed by Bazaar Magazine in 2020, Gadot and Wiig shared that their roles and fight scenes were physically exhausting. It was worse with milk in the water.
Gadot said, "Do you remember the water work we had to do and the rashes that came out over our faces? Then they had to put milk in it and it just stank."
The "Wonder Woman 1984" fight was shot indoors in a massive water tank. The milk makes the studio's tank look like proper seawater, adding natural cloudiness.