Director George Lucas and Darth Vader depart the screening of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith
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George Lucas Struggled With Making Star Wars' Darth Vader Scary
Although the menacing Darth Vader has been extensively explored over the past several decades, the character remains one of the best movie villains ever.
George Lucas' main goal when creating Darth Vader was to make him scary. While Lucas was successful at this task, it proved challenging.
He told Rolling Stone, "I had to make Darth Vader scary without the audience ever seeing his face. Basically, it's just a black mask. I said, 'How do I make that evil and scary?'"
Lucas realized the way to make Vader scary wasn't his appearance but the way he carried himself, adding, "That's how we get his impersonal way of dealing with things."
The filmmaker continued, "He's done a lot of horrible things in his life that he isn't particularly proud of. Ultimately, he's just a pathetic guy who's had a very sad life."