Alan Hale as the Captain on Gilligan's Island
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Gilligan’s Island Scrapped A Plot Explaining All Of The Show’s Nonsense
It seems that the makers of Gilligan's Island weren't forgetful about the seemingly unlimited supplies and food; they were just cheeky with the audience.
In an interview with the Southern Illinoisan, actor Bob Denver recalled a proposed offering of logic, but the showrunners thought it would be funnier if nothing were explained.
Denver said that initially, they were "going to have a freighter sink off the island so we could go down and get all the stuff we needed and not make it up out of thin air."
The castaways could have dove underwater and emerged with sunken supplies they could use to survive, or items could merely float to the surface and wash up on the beach as needed.
Per Denver’s recollection, the cast discussed how Gilligan and the castaways suddenly had supplies on the island as a plot warranted. They thought it was weird but also ignored it.
Denver felt that if logic were absent, the comedy would be stronger. He said, "No one ever asked how it was that I could fly until the Skipper pointed out that I couldn't."