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Godzilla Minus One’s Monster Roars Caused A Real-Life Local Disturbance
“Godzilla Minus One” aimed to emulate and expand upon the iconic roar from Ishirō Honda’s original “Godzilla” film. However, creating a new roar caused a local disturbance.
In an interview with A Frame, creator Takashi Yamazaki explained how they rented a baseball stadium and replayed the original audio to capture major echoes and reverberations.
Yamazaki shared that their plan was successful: “The echo and the way the audio bounced created this sense of a massive creature roaring in a vast, open environment.”
The recording took place at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City, Japan, where Yamazaki told the outlet the space felt like it was trembling due to the impressive sound.
He added, “That was fun and very interesting, showcasing Godzilla’s size and scale.” Unfortunately, the filmmaker says the crew received noise complaints.
The filmmaker shared, “We got a lot of complaints afterward from the neighbors who lived near the baseball stadium, saying, ‘There’s a massive monster roaring near my house!”