Joel and Ellie hiding from approaching danger in The Last of Us video game
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HBO’s The Last Of Us Drops The Ball With One Of The Game’s Strongest Reveals
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 8 of “The Last of Us.”
Even before the HBO show was announced, “The Last of Us” was considered ideal for a live-action remake because the game itself was cinematic and truly brought the characters to life. While the show has been relatively faithful to the game and has done a remarkable job of adding its own stories to the mix, it does feel as if it dropped the ball in some areas.
The HBO adaptation has expanded the story beyond Joel and Ellie’s journey, adding context to other characters and the world of “The Last of Us.” These additions help the world feel lived in, but as the game’s story is already longer than a nine-episode season could explore, some of the events have been condensed and rushed through.
Episode 8 adapts the Lakeside Resort chapter, one of the most anticipated moments from the game that further strengthens Joel and Ellie's bond; however, the story feels rushed in the show. The show fails to capture the slow-building dread surrounding David and the community’s cannibalism reveal, making this moment feel no more significant than any other.