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Helen Mirren’s Narrator Could’ve Been Dethroned In A Deleted Barbie Scene
The narrator of the “Barbie” movie, Helen Mirren, revealed to Variety that she shot a cameo scene in addition to recording the voiceover, but it was deleted from the final cut.
"It was a very funny scene with Olivia Colman sort of playing drunk and us clashing about who is the real grande dame of British actresses,” Mirren explained.
“She comes in and tries to take over the role of the Narrator and I had to fight her off," Mirren added. Colman won an Oscar for her performance as Queen Anne in "The Favourite."
The film may have inspired Colman and Mirren's drunken battle, but if there's room in the world for more than one Barbie, there's surely room for more than one Narrator.