Jennifer Aniston as Tory next to a truck in Leprechaun
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Horror Movies That Actors Wish They’d Never Filmed
The Birds
Although The Birds” ranks among Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-regarded movies, the filming was a nightmare for Tippi Hedren, who would be changed by this experience.
In the film’s finale, Hitchcock switched to using real birds instead of mechanical ones. The animals actually attacked Hedren and almost pecked out her eye.
The Exorcist II
Linda Blair reprised her role as Regan MacNeil in 1977’s “The Exorcist II: The Heretic,” which dealt with her character’s repressed memories of her possession.
Despite the original film’s success, “The Exorcist II” was reviled by critics and fans. Blair cited its constant rewrites, which altered the movie from its original concept.
While 1981’s “Possession” has grown in popularity over time, star Isabelle Adjani suffered from abusive treatment by director Andrzej Zulawski during production.
Adjani called the finished film “psychological pornography” that changed her forever. Co-star Sam Neill agreed, saying it was “the most distressing thing” he had ever done on film.
Critters 3
Leonardo DiCaprio may be one of the biggest actors today, but he made his film debut with “Critters 3,” which has earned the rare 0% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes.
DiCaprio referred to his debut in the direct-to-video film as “possibly one of the worst movies of all time” and vowed never to let something like that happen again.
The original 1993 “Leprechaun” film saw Jennifer Aniston face off against Warwick Davis’ murderous Lubdan the Leprechaun in her first major role.
Although director Mark Jones recalled Aniston being excited to join the movie, Aniston has admitted to constantly “cringing” when watching the movie years later.