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Horror Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents
This depiction of a camgirl's day-to-day life is refreshingly nonjudgmental and free of sensationalism — and may be the single most underrated Netflix original.
Based on the firsthand experience of screenwriter Isa Mazzei, the film may not be as graphic or gory as others on this list, but it has lots of sex, both implied and expressed.
Trouble Every Day
This story is of a man who becomes obsessed with a neurosurgeon and his wife, who has an undefined craving somewhere between vampirism and compulsive cannibalism.
If you're looking for gore, you'll find plenty in the (literally) visceral sex scenes — but neither the sex nor the violence are exactly fun.
In My Skin
Marina de Van's film about a successful woman who injures her leg completely breaks down the barriers that keep most body horror films safely abstract.
Feeling a sense of dissociation from her own body, she inflicts greater extremes of mutilation and disfigurement upon herself in an endless frenzy to discover what she's made of.
“Titane” is a twisted, upsetting, and uncomfortable film that chronicles the self-actualization of a serial killer traumatized by a childhood car crash.
Julia Ducournau's brilliantly disconcerting sophomore feature fuses body horror with outré sexual content and cultural taboos in a way rarely seen.
Blind Beast
"Blind Beast" is a masterpiece of pinku eiga, the genre of Japanese independent cinema that meshes sex and lyricism together into unique cinematic tableaux.
The sexual obsession and mutually destructive sadomasochism in this story of a deranged blind artist and his muse makes "Fifty Shades of Grey" look silly.