Mel Gibson as Max in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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How A Failed Stunt Ended Up In The Final Cut Of Mad Max 2
The “Mad Max” films are a tour de force when it comes to car chases, but with their impressive feats comes some danger, as stuntman Guy Norris learned while making “Mad Max 2.”
The film — also known as “The Road Warrior” — sees Max and his group defending a tanker from Lord Humungus’ men in smaller vehicles, and spectacular crashes soon follow.
Norris explained his role in the chase scene, saying, “Essentially every character that jumped onto the tanker was me. I’d put on a different wardrobe, jump.”
One of his roles was a biker who drives into a crashed buggy and gets sent flying through the air, but audiences can see that his legs hit the wrecked vehicle during the scene.
The impact wasn’t supposed to happen and left Norris with a broken femur. The accident also threw Norris’ trajectory off and caused him to miss the landing cushion.
Luckily, the film’s director George Miller had worked previously as an emergency room doctor and tended to Norris’ leg while the “Mad Max 2” crew waited for an ambulance.
His crash scene ended up in the movie, and Norris later returned to film for a fight sequence with Mel Gibson, though he couldn’t do any more car stunts like that for the movie.