Charlie Day with Pepe Silvia board
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How Charlie Day Accidentally Changed It’s Always Sunny’s Pepe Silvia Speech
One "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" moment the internet will truly never let die is Charlie's Pepe Silvia monologue in the season 4 episode "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack."
In the episode, Charlie (Charlie Day) and Mac (Rob McElhenney) get jobs in a mailroom. Charlie’s attempts to deliver mail to Pepe Silvia lead to his famous monologue.
Fans hypothesized that Pepe Silvia is the name of the state to which the letters are addressed, Pennsylvania. However, the series creators have since disavowed that rumor.
This theory rests on the fact that Charlie is illiterate, but as it turns out, the name Pepe Silvia was the result of a misreading not by the character, but by the actor himself.
Pepe Silvia's name in the script was Pepe Silva. However, the actor consistently said Pepe Silvia while shooting his monologue, so the character's name was officially changed.
"I remember Charlie [Day] just going, 'Just make it Silvia, 'cause that's what I keep saying. And so they changed it up on the set," McElhenney said on the "Always Sunny" podcast.
Pepe Silvia was not supposed to be Pennsylvania. Day said, "I think for us, it was just a funny name for a guy to go crazy about. But I like their theory better."