Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard
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How Chateau Picard Accidentally Became A Punching Bag For Star Trek Fans
In the third season of "Star Trek: Picard," audiences finally received their first on-screen review of Château Picard, and it appears the wine is underwhelming.
The crew had been infiltrated by malevolent Changelings, so to prove who he was, Picard recalled gifting Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) a bottle of Château Picard years earlier.
The captain also recalled, with some annoyance, that Geordi described the wine as being too dry "because your taste in wine is pedestrian at best," Picard spat.
Talking to Trekmovie, "Picard" showrunner Terry Matalas said he wrote the line as a throw-away gag. He didn't expect fans to pick up on the fact that Château Picard isn't very good.
As the "Château Picard is bad" notion worked its way into fandom, ScreenRant devoted an article to the idea, Redditers were shocked, and Trekkies worked to disabuse comments.
Matalas said, "We ran a gag that Château Picard isn't the best wine. [...] I didn't think anybody would really pick up on it and people really, really picked up on it."