DeForest Kelley as Dr. “Bones” McCoy on Star Trek
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How DeForest Kelley Changed Bones For Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
In 2014, unearthed a 1986 audio interview with DeForest Kelley, who had played Dr. “Bones” McCoy on and off for essentially two decades.
In the interview, Kelley commented on the character development of Dr. McCoy from film to film, as opposed to the incremental changes he worked on during a weekly TV series.
Notably, he said, Dr. McCoy had mellowed out a lot. In the series, McCoy was openly annoyed by Spock's cold logic, but that relationship had to evolve.
Kelley didn’t want to soften McCoy, but he wanted him to “become a little more attuned to Spock.” He had McCoy view Spock with more amusement than irritation.