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How Die Hard Saved One Of Sylvester Stallone’s Best Movies
“Cliffhanger” is one of the few true breakout action flicks starring Sylvester Stallone that is not connected to "Rocky," "Rambo," or "The Expendables."
Co-producer Jim Zatolokin told the Telegraph they had a hard time figuring out how to turn climbing into an adventure as it’s “not terribly exciting to watch.”
At the time, John McTiernan's "Die Hard" was a big hit. “Die Hard was around at that time, and the concept became 'Die Hard on the mountain,'" Zatolokin said.
In the end, the schtick worked like gangbusters. “Cliffhanger” hit theaters and proved to be a smash hit, pulling in $255 million globally with a $65 million budget.