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How Dune: Part Two Pulled Off That Opening Anti-Gravity Attack
In the opening minutes of Denis Villeneuve's "Dune: Part Two," Harkonnen hunters are searching for native Fremen warriors on the surface of Arrakis during an eclipse.
Quickly realizing the Fremen have called a sandworm to devour them, they engage their anti-gravity jet packs and soar off the dunes up onto a rock formation to avoid being eaten.
In an exclusive interview with /News, cinematographer Greig Fraser said he found a filter to cut several light rays. With it, he was able to get the right colors and shadows.
“So we chose to use this filter, and we chose to make it deeper and darker as the story went on and as the eclipse became more heavy," Fraser told /News’s Ben Pearson.
It was the perfect way to re-introduce audiences to the universe, and “create something visually ambitious that looked distinctly different from anything in the previous film.”