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How Star Wars Sent George Lucas To The Emergency Room
While “Star Wars” would become a global phenomenon, many doubted that it would succeed. The stress from this massive project even put George Lucas in the hospital.
Lucas was so stressed from shooting and fear of what the movie had become that he was admitted to the hospital for chest pains, with many fearing it was heart failure.
Thankfully, Lucas was just having an anxiety attack. The filmmaker spoke about his hospital experience while making “Star Wars” in the “Light & Magic” documentary series.
Lucas shared, “I ended up on my way home, flying from LA to San Francisco thinking, ‘Oh my god, this isn’t going to work. This is a mess! [I’ll] never get to work again.’”
Once Lucas was in the hospital, the doctors asked him if he was under stress, and he confirmed he was. Unfortunately, the stress wasn’t confined to just Lucas.
He added, “Everybody else was panicked. What if I died? People didn’t even know what the movie was. Y’know it was in a million little pieces. Nobody knew what I was really doing.”