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How The Studio Almost Ruined The Best Scene In Office Space
Mike Judge's "Office Space" was a box-office flop but became a cult classic thanks to home video sales, Comedy Central airing it multiple times, and its soundtrack.
The soundtrack, full of classic '90s gangsta rap, is one of the movie's best parts. It creates a hilarious clash between violent lyrics and the film’s sterile, buttoned-down world.
Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox's then-president, Tom Rothman, wasn't fond of the music, and they nearly succeeded in ruining — and removing — one of the film's standout scenes.
In one of the film's most famous moments, three office co-workers take their perpetually malfunctioning office printer into a field and destroy it with a baseball bat.
Its popularity comes from the ridiculous way they lay waste to the printer as if they're carrying out a ruthless mob hit while the Gheto Boys' "Still" is playing.
The track's "die m*****f*****," die m*****f*****," kill" refrain set to office peons destroying a printer is why Judge was right about gangsta rap being funny when used in the right context.