Rod Serling, the creator of the series, The Twilight Zone
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How The Twilight Zone Created A Self-Driving Car Using ‘60s Movie Magic
Although its writing can sometimes be messy or shallow, “The Twilight Zone” episode “You Drive” remains memorable for creating the illusion of a self-driving car.
The episode sees a sentient car chasing a man guilty of hitting a child riding a bicycle with the vehicle and fleeing from the scene of the crime.
TV writer and “The Twilight Zone” producer William Froug explained how they achieved the self-driving car in Marc Scott Zicree’s “The Twilight Zone Companion.”
He shared, “We had a man under the dashboard with a tiny periscope that stuck up through the hood of the car, and he drove with special controls.”
Froug added, “I remember watching it, [...] and I was astonished. This car would come driving by and it was spooky because you couldn’t see this little periscope sticking up.”