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How The Twilight Zone Inspired A Horror Classic – And A Very Annoyed Writer
"Little Girl Lost" may not be a top 10 "Twilight Zone" episode, but it's one of the series' most ambitious. A couple awakes to the crying of their young daughter, Tina.
The parents enter Tina’s room, but she’s nowhere to be found. With the help of their physicist friend, Bill (Charles Aldman) they discover a parallel dimension in the wall.
It's hardly a one-to-one comparison between the “Twilight Zone” episode and the movie, but one could wonder if “Poltergeist” would exist without “Little Girl Lost.”
When asked by /News’s Jeremy Smith, Matheson laughed that he never got credit. "They sort of used that idea [for 'Little Girl Lost'], and made their own concept of it," he said.
Matheson said that he always had "an amiable relationship" with Spielberg, and added that he'd tried to get him to do an official adaptation of his 2011 novel "Other Kingdoms."