A comic illustration of Bishop the Xmen
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If Bishop Can Time Travel, What’s He Doing In X-Men ‘97?
Marvel recently rebooted the original X-Men '97 animated series, now available on Disney+. Many original characters, including Bishop, have returned for the revival.
Bishop, from the X-Men universe, possesses the ability to time travel. He debuted in “The Uncanny X-Men” #282 in 1991 and has been a recurring member of the X-Men team ever since.
Originally from a dystopian future in 2055 full of mutant-killing Sentinels, Bishop (Philip Aiken) aimed to assassinate one of the X-Men, believing it would alter the grim future.
Fortunately, it was revealed to be a misunderstanding, so the assassination didn't happen. However, nothing changed when Bishop returned to 2055, thinking he'd fixed the timeline.
The initial episodes of the revival, airing on Disney+, will explain Bishop's journey. He went back to 1997 but couldn't return because he had lost his ability to time travel.
Bishop's return to 2055 depends on Dr. Hank McCoy's ability to repair his time-travel device. Though briefly mentioned, this detail ensures Bishop's continued presence on the show.