William Shatner as Kirk and Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Generations
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Inside Universal’s (Alleged) Plan To Sink Star Trek: Generations
“Star Trek: The Next Generations” saw Captain Picard teaming up with Captain Kirk from the original series in a “passing the torch” story, which many felt was unnecessary.
The film itself tested poorly with audiences and needed reshoots. Unfortunately, there was a wave of negative press about the movie — allegedly perpetrated by Universal.
Many workers migrated from Paramount to Universal, and the ex-Paramount employees are believed to be bitter about their old workplace and executive producer Rick Berman.
Some have theorized that these disgruntled ex-employees leaked stories about Paramount’s massive trouble and how “Generations” would be a major bomb.
It's worth noting that Universal likely wanted to deflect from their recent troubles with "Waterworld," which cost the studio an additional $175 million.
Luckily, these alleged efforts failed as “Generations” made $118 million and was successful enough to warrant a sequel, “Star Trek: First Contact.”