Zoidberg smiling in Futurama
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It Took Futurama Six Whole Seasons To Solve A Major Zoidberg Mystery
Zoidberg is Plant Express’s terrible alien doctor. He’s so terrible that “Futurama” fans wondered why he was ever hired until the mystery was solved later in the series’ run.
Co-creator David X. Cohen had previously teased that ”[Zoidberg] must have some dirt on the professor,” but in a Season 6 episode, the real reason is actually a pact.
The episode, titled “The Tip of the Zoidberg,” revealed that Zoidberg and the Professor had known each other for decades, meeting during a Tritonian yeti hunt sponsored by Mom.
During the hunt, the Professor contracts a rare and incurable case of hyper-malaria, which incubates in a host for decades and strikes suddenly, leading to death.
The Professor asks Dr. Zoidberg to kill him should the horrible symptoms ever manifest, and Zoidberg agrees, explaining why the Professor always keeps him close.