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It's Always Sunny Tried To Copy One Of Horror Cinema's Most Dangerous Special Effects
“It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” sought to replicate a gory special effect from David Cronenberg's film “Scanners” in an episode titled “The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell.”
In a memorable scene, the character Rickety Cricket has his head violently blown off with a musket. However, the show's creators faced challenges in using the explosive effect.
In "Scanners," they filled a dummy's head with macaroni and vermicelli. After multiple failed attempts, they used a double-barrel shotgun to achieve the desired effect.
The creators wanted to replicate this effect for Rickety Cricket, but the effects team on “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia” denied the request, deeming it too dangerous.
The special effects team told the showrunners, “We can't do that.” So, the team set out to find an alternative method to replicating the infamous “Scanners” scene.
The crew resorted to a mix of practical and digital effects. The explosion featured CGI blood, noticeable for its texture and dark-red color, contrasting with the real fake blood.