James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano
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James Gandolfini & Lorraine Bracco Fought A Secret War On The Sopranos Set
Despite being part of the cast for its entire six season run, the majority of Lorraine Bracco’s airtime is with James Gandolfini; they had a method for shooting their scenes.
On the podcast "Talking Sopranos," Bracco said they shot scenes with the camera first on Gandolfini, and then redid it to film her because “he was the storyteller."
When it came time to shoot Melfi's half of the scene, black screens would be put behind Gandolfini, and the crew couldn't see him. He took advantage of this and mooned Bracco.
Bracco got revenge with a hair extension, explaining, “I stuffed it in the front of my pantyhose and hid it. So when I crossed my legs, there was all this hair.”
“Jim was totally grossed out,” Bracco said, “The look on his face was worth a million dollars. He goes, 'You're disgusting.' And my response was, 'I learned everything from you.'"