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Jaws’ Most Famous Improvised Line Was A Jab At The Film’s Producers
When “Jaws” first appears, rearing up behind Chief Martin Brody's (Roy Scheider) as he's throwing chum off the stern of The Orca, he tells Quint they'll need that bigger boat.
It's a famous piece of movie trivia that Scheider improvised this line, but it was a dig at the stinginess of producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown.
“Jaws” co-writer Carl Gottlieb told the Hollywood Reporter that while shooting the scenes set at sea, their equipment was held on a barge nicknamed the "S.S. Garage Sale."
The boat tugging the barge was too small, so everyone kept telling Zanuck and Brown, "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
"'You're gonna need a bigger boat' became a catchphrase for anytime anything went wrong," Gottlieb recalled, and a lot did go wrong on the "Jaws" set.