Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn on a horse in snow in True Grit
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Jeff Bridges Used One Of True Grit's Best Scenes To One-Up John Wayne
Charles Portis' novel "True Grit" has been brought to life on the big screen several times, but Henry Hathaway's 1969 John Wayne-starring adaptation is perhaps the most popular.
However, Ethan and Joel Coen's 2010 version is also fantastic. One difference between the films was a dangerous stunt that star Jeff Bridges did with real horses.
The climactic scene of Rooster charging into battle with the reins of his horse between his teeth is considered iconic, though Wayne was put on a moving truck for the scene.
The Coen brothers told MTV that although shooting the stunt was complicated and risky, Bridges was able to do the stunt on a horse without issue.
They said, "You have to be a really, really good rider to do that and even if you are a good rider, you have to have the right terrain, the right horse, and all the rest of it."
Joel added, "That was something we — and even Jeff — assumed would have to be fudged in one way or another, but he actually did all that for real."