Thanos grabbing his gaunlet after snapping
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Joe Russo Had To Take Josh Brolin’s Place As The Avengers’ Thanos
Director Joe Russo actively participated in Avengers: End Game from behind and in front of the camera. When Josh Brolin wasn't available, Russo stepped in to play Thanos.
In scenes featuring Thanos' daughter, Nebula (Karen Gillan), Russo substituted for actor Brolin. Gillan spoke about the experience during a panel at Comic-Con Paris in 2019.
Gillan said she found it surreal to be acting with the director, adding, "He had a stick with a big Thanos cardboard picture sticking into the air so that I would look at the right height."
Although Brolin's movements and expressions were digitalized in the final film, he was usually present to give the other actors something to work with.