John DiMaggio attends the premiere of Futurama 'Bender's Big Score' at the Cinerama Dome on November 15, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. *** Local Caption ***
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John DiMaggio Frequently Suffocated Himself Behind The Scenes Of Futurama
At the beginning of "Futurama," as they sought to shape the character, John DiMaggio, the voice of the iconic Bender, encountered a distinctive challenge while recording his lines.
In 1999, DiMaggio, a newcomer to voice acting, was amazed to be part of a show created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen alongside seasoned voice actors like Billy West.
During a Reddit Q&A in 2017, Cohen and Groening shared behind-the-scenes stories. They disclosed that DiMaggio's continual laughter during recordings prompted a funny solution.
Cohen shared the solution with Reddit, “DiMaggio [...] could not stop laughing [...] We had to get a large pillow for him to hold over his face and suffocate himself temporarily.”
DiMaggio's voice acting career soared despite the initial challenges after "Futurama." He secured roles in major franchises like "Adventure Time," "Ben 10," and animated films.