John Francis Daley on Bones
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John Francis Daley’s Last Day On Bones Led To A Tear-Filled Break Down
In a 2014 TVLine interview, John Francis Daley explained how his final day of filming went down, and, unfortunately, it wound up being a very lonely experience for him.
Despite filming 140 episodes as FBI Psychologist Lance Sweets, there was no party or proper goodbye with Daly's fellow castmates and the crew of "Bones."
"The very last thing we shot was me in the body bag being zipped up. I was covered in blood. No one really wanted to touch me because I was all messy," Daly said.
To make matters worse, they shot at midnight, so most of the primary crew and writers were gone. The producers, with stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, were at Comic-Con.
Daly said, "And as I was walking to my trailer I sort of realized, 'Oh, s**t, this is weird.' And then the tears started coming. It was very cathartic."