Julia Garner as Ruth on Ozark
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Julia Garner’s Accent In Ozark Was A Total Accident
It was a happy accident that led Julia Garner to her career-defining (up to this point) role as the scrappy, street-smart Ruth on the hit Netflix series "Ozark."
"I'd done a movie [Tomato Red] with a Missouri accent," Garner told Vulture. When she read about Ruth growing up in a trailer, she imagined her with the same accent.
As the casting office had thin walls, she could hear other actors reading their lines for the part. She came to a horrifying realization that none of them were using an accent.
"I was like, oh my God, I'm going to be that actor that is super annoying, so actory," she told THR. Garner tried to ditch the accent, but she had used it to memorize her lines.
She knew couldn't do the reading without the Missouri twang. Despite her reservations, Garner had to use the accent for her audition — and was offered the role a week later.