Kaitlin Olson sitting down in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
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Kaitlin Olson’s Pregnancy Made One It’s Always Sunny Scene Extra Painful
Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” insisted on filming a very physical scene for the show while pregnant, and it may have damaged her stomach.
An unforgettable moment of Olson’s physical comedy in “Sunny” was her impression of an inflatable man in “The Gang Buys a Boat” episode, which came at a physical cost.
Olson shared with Elle, “I was six months pregnant and trying to hide it. It was 3 a.m. out on a boat in Long Beach. It was freezing cold, and I was so tired.”
She said, “I remember being so angry that because I was pregnant I couldn’t bend backwards as far as I wanted. I just kept trying [...] and that stupid baby wouldn’t let me do it.”
Olson added, “I’m pretty sure I ripped my stomach muscle moving like that. [...] But I worked so so hard on that dance and I think it ended up looking fantastic.”
Despite some of the dangerous physical comedy in “Sunny,” Olson is committed to her craft. “I don’t want the stunt double to do it [...] I want to do that,” she concluded.