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Keanu Reeves Called In His Real-Life Tailor To Fill The Role For John Wick 2
The titular hitman's gun metal suits in “John Wick” have gained their own kind of cultural recognition, perfectly symbolizing Wick's stylish yet deadly methods. In “John Wick: Chapter 2,” Wick visits The Continental's “Sommelier,” where a tailor fits him for a bullet-proof suit, and that suit-maker is played by a real tailor as well as the film’s costume designer: Luca Mosca.
“John Wick” screenwriter Derek Kolstad revealed to 2 Film Critics, “The tailor in the movie really is Keanu Reeves' tailor. We had a Chinese tailor written into the script and Keanu said, 'The Chinese are good tailors, but the best tailors are Italian.' We did a screen test with his tailor, and [director] Chad [Stahelski] said, 'Let's go with him.'”
In a Slashfilm interview, Kolstad added, “[Mosca] dressed Keanu in the first one, and he did all the design, the clothing. [...] He deserves a little bit of the press because he's such a great guy.” Mosca’s quick-fire questions about how many buttons John Wick wants, and how he wants his pants cut, come from experience, and these details add to the majesty of the “John Wick” films.